Photo album from my last trip to Tatra National Park
in August 1998

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Beautiful landscape

On the way to a tourist hostel

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'Eye of sea'

"Eye of sea" pond and a mountain hostel (at the center of the picture)

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A mountain's mirror

Walking beside the pond - notice a mountain's reflection in the water

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'Black pond'

In front of the "Black pond" . Can you see snow high in the mountain ?

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A plate of frozen snow

A plate of frozen snow (it was summer!) at the foot of
the Rysy mountain (so big that a man could go under it)

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The two ponds together

"Black Pond" (76 metres deep) and "Eye of sea" (about 50 metres deep)

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A steep slope

A place where an avalanche (of snow or stones) often starts

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Shapes of a mountain

Majestic shapes of a mountain

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Just me

Me, resting after four hours of climbing.

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At the top of Rysy

This picture was taken from the top of Rysy, the highest mountain in Poland
(2499 metres above sea level). Can you see me waving a hand ?

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Slovakian Tatras

Slovakian part of Tatra mountains viewed from Rysy

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A map of Tatra

The route out of the mountain hostel to the summit (marked as dashed red line)
The difference in level of the starting and the final point is 1100 m and it takes 4 hours to go

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Panorama of Tatra

General view of Tatra

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